NOAA Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service for Ohio River at Pomeroy, OH

This graph will only be visable when the guage reading is in high water situations. 

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Flood Water Impacts at Pomeroy, OH
42 ft - Action stage. Low spot in the parking lot is flooded near the boat ramp.
46 ft -  Pomeroy parking lots and the river ampitheater are flooded along river. Main street starts to flood. Some secondary roads are flooded due to backwater.
48 ft - Businesses along river in Pomeroy start to flood. Main street is flooded. Homes near the Pomeroy-Mason bridge on the West Virginia side start to flood.
50 ft - Pomeroy businesses along main street are flooded. Park and boat ramp in Mason WV are flooded.
58 ft - Pomeroy Courthouse begins to flood. Court and Lynn Streets and 2nd Avenue are flooded. Most of Pomeroy is flooded.